Being An Adult Kid

I want to lean into this stretch of time I have here at the lake. Not to think of the days counting down – but instead of the days adding up. Today was as full as a day at any lake day could be.

I had company, my niece and a girlfriend were sleeping when I wound my way down to the beach and slid the kayak into the lake before climbing in. It was the years first kayak ride with the lake still and even, just ripples in the hot sun. I paddled out to watch neighbors following kids out for an early swim or setting out on a deck with coffee.

Afterwards I came home to see my niece and her freind off – hugging and taking last photos into the bright sun.

Invigorated by the kayaking I decided to bike, but it was already so hot that I turned back at the first hill, and spent my energy instead with a swim. After towelling off and deadheading the geraniums I read my book with the guilty pleasure of chips and dip, stopping to text with a friend and then my sister.

The deck rocked with the rolling water from all the ski boat enthusiasts yelping as they rode the waves. It was noisy and a bit wild, but I liked that seeing as there is such a short time for us Canadians to be raukus sun-worshippers before winter will drive us inside again.

I called my brother and continued the family talk about helping our parents through a move from their home to a senior’s residence- such tricky times to be an adult ‘kid’. I thought about how, if my own four children need to keep their dad and I ‘safe’ someday – this place of ours will be the first place they try to discourage us from coming to – worried about ‘an elderly version of us’ on the dock, or climbing the rocky slope from the lake, or even making our tired way to our upstairs bedroom.

I tried not to think too hard about that while I brought the day to a close watering plants and picking deep purple basil to eat with a plate of tomatoes and soft cheese. I couldn’t help my mind going there though on this summer’s day, with its mix of summertime action and tranquility.

(If you’d like to read more by Candace Allan – see Text Me, Love Mom – the book.

5 thoughts on “Being An Adult Kid

  1. Candace, I love your ‘sharings’ and the pictures! I can totally feel myself sitting, relaxed, lakeside!
    Being the ‘adult kid’ now and doing what is best for our parents gets tricky and very emotional (we will all be there!)
    One day at a time!
    Enjoy your remaining days at the ‘Lake’! Look forward to seeing you back at ‘Yoga’ in September! XOXO


  2. Poignant words, Candy❣️ Happy Birthday🎉🍸🍹🍦🍨. Wishing your parents much happiness in their new home. How blessed you are that they still have each other to love, support and share this new phase of their lives💕😘 Mariaan.


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