A Different Sort Of Summer

It’s been a different sort of summer. I’ve been living the dream, as they say, staying four long weeks at our lake place in the North Shuswaps. We’re on the shore on a stretch of water that carves up this forested place with arms that go off for miles in a multitude of directions.

My kids, and granddaughters, and my younger brother, a niece and a nephew, a dear cousin, and good friends have circled round this stretch of lake this summer, through little villages that burst with seasonal energy – to swim and boat and break bread with me. Odd to say me, not us. But I’ve had to host alone this year as my husband’s had a strange summer too – an extremely arduous aspect of his work has unfortunately landed smack in the middle of normal holiday time.

And the summers had another weight to it – my elderly parents have had a lovely family member as the live-in caregiver they require, but she needs to move on now. My siblings and I have all spent time trying (oh man, we’re trying) to convince both our mom and dad that moving into the nice, comfortable, sociable, well managed … seniors residence we helped my mom find will be a better choice then the house they can’t manage any more. Honest dad, it will be.

So I’ll bring up the beach chairs, tie the kayak high on the shore, wash one more load of towels, close the blinds, pack the hanging planters into the car with my suitcase and big box of BC peaches and wind my way around this giant lake towards home.

It’s been a different time as times go. And I’ll surely blog about the time to come.

Looking for another read by Candace Allan – check out the book Text Me, Love Mom, Two Girls, Two Boy’s, One Empty Nest.

5 thoughts on “A Different Sort Of Summer

  1. Hi Candace.
    My sister\BFF sent me your link. I enjoyed your pics of the Shuswap and your blog.
    Debbie is one of your Yoga Sisters. 💥
    She loves your Yoga group.
    I see you and I have a few things in common as I too have a summer place on the North side of Shuswap which we absolutely love.
    I also have a husband who works a lot so I totally understand when you said you were entertaining at the lake alone.
    Another similarity is when you spoke of trying to talk to your parents about senior homes. Gosh those are tough conversations but we need to have them. Debbie and I went through that with both our parents.
    You have granddaughters, I only have one but are they not the apple of your eye. It is just such an amazing gift to be a grandparent.
    Well I just wanted to say “Hi” from the sunny Shuswap. We have had some intensely hot days however this weekend has cooled with some much needed rain.

    • Hi Kim – it was so nice to read your response to the blog Debbie linked you too. And yes, we do have lots in common. Where are you on the North side? We’re close to St. Ives. I’d love to be there now but we’re deep in this moving project. We’ve probably passed by each other in Eco treats or at the Weds market. Maybe next summer we can plan at meet up. Enjoy the lake – I’ve posted again about this moving business.

  2. Thinking of you Candy! Awesome photography and many wonderful memories to treasure❤️ Love reading your blog. Wishing your parents much happiness in their new safe haven! 🤗🤗🤗😘

  3. Thinking of you Candy! Awesome photography and many wonderful memories to treasure❤️ Love reading your blog. Wishing your parents much happiness in their new safe haven! 🤗🤗🤗😘

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